I have been informed that some of you wanted to hang your license within a Nevada Corporation as is allowed by NRS 645 [1] but upon opening the Nevada Corporation [2] to hang your real estate license were rejected by the Nevada Real Estate Division [3] . When you attempted to change the name on your license, you were told by the Division it’s not valid! What can I do?

You opened a private domestic corporation but what you need is a professional corporation. NRS 645.387 only allows you to hold your license, if you choose, under a professional corporation or a limited liability company. So you have the wrong corporation. It is an easy fix, here is what you do.

To change from a corporation under NRS 78 to NRS 89 you must file an amendment changing the articles of incorporation with the Nevada Secretary of State indicating that you wish the company to be organized under NRS 89 and not 78. You would fill in your current corporate name in box 1, and in box 2 you would write, “Article 1 YOUR NAME EXACTLY AS IT APPEARS ON YOUR REAL ESTATE LICENSE” followed by one of these endings, “Professional Corporation” or the abbreviation “Prof. Corp.,” “P.C.” or “PC,” or the word “Chartered” or the abbreviation “Chtd.,” or “Limited” or the abbreviation “Ltd.” AND attach a copy of your license. Click on the words “example to change form of entity” Certificate of Amendment to see how it can be filled out. Click on the words “web site to fill this form on line” [6] to get to the form directly. You can fill it out on line, then print, then mail[See 7 Below] or deliver by hand to the Nevada Secretary of State[8] on Washington street.[See 9 Below] When mailing in the form you must also attached a copy of your license as required by the statute. [10] It’s alright that the name on your license is your name only. The final step, once you have your Certificate back from the Nevada Secretary of State, is to take your license to the Nevada Real Estate Division along with the Nevada Secretary of State Certificate of your Professional Corporation and request that your name on your license be changed to the name on the Certificate.

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[7] Commercial Recordings Main Office
202 North Carson Street
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Phone: 775-684-5708
Fax: 775-684-5725
Email: sosmail@sos.nv.gov

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[9] Corporate Satellite Office – Las Vegas
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