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Question:   Me and my friend want to start a team, but our last names are Andersen and Johnson.  Can we start our team name as “The Sales Team” or “The A Team?”  (We both like Mr. T). 

Answer:  Your parents (or spouses?) will be pleased with my response.  No. Your team name must be your personal names on your real estate license! 

The reason is the NAC 645.610{i} and  NAC 645.611{ii}

All advertising in Nevada for a licensee must use the “name under which licensee is licensed” which can be your name or the Team Name.  The rules for a team name are simply, “The name must contain the last name of at least one member of the team.”  Also you may only name your team a “team” or a “group” not “associates,” for example or “congregation” or “club” or “association.” 

You might have seen the word “associates” used in the past in connection with advertisements of teams.  However, the Nevada Real Estate Division (“NRED”) has informed all licensees that the word ‘associates’ is ‘confusing to the public’ when used in a team name.  The code allows only the term “team” or “group” to advertise. 

Therefore your advertisement must include Prudential, Americana Group, REALTORS® and thereafter if you choose (because you are not required to put your own name on the advertisements) you can use the team names of:

  • Andersen and Johnson Team,” as it complies with having at least one person’s last name in the group.
  • The Sales Team,” and “The A Team” are not acceptable as they do not have ‘at least one last name,’
  • A sign yard of “Andersen Team” is acceptable and this is true even if a team member of the Andersen Team by the name of Jake Petterson is actually handling the listing, but is not on the yard sign, because Jake Petterson is on the Duties Owed Addendum of the AndersenTeam.   

But what about my website? 

Great question, a website is like a phone number.  So, you can have a noncompliant teamname in your website, such as www.theAteam.com.  But be sure and have the full site there, and I recommend a leader sentence like, “visit me at!” to be super safe.

{i} http://www.leg.state.nv.us/NAC/NAC-645.html#NAC645Sec610

NAC 645.610  Restrictions on advertising; use of name under which licensee is licensed. (NRS 645.050, 645.190) 

1.  In addition to satisfying the requirements set forth in NRS 645.315: 

(a) An advertisement of the services of a licensee for which a license is required under chapter 645 of NRS must not be false or misleading. 

(b) Except as otherwise provided in this paragraph, a licensee shall not use his name or telephone number or the name or telephone number of another licensee of the brokerage firm with which he is associated in any advertisement which contains the words “for sale by owner,” “for lease by owner” or similar words. A licensee may use his name or telephone number in an advertisement for property if the licensee has an ownership interest in the advertised property and the advertisement contains: 

(1) If the licensee is a real estate broker, the words “for sale by owner-broker,” “for lease by owner-broker” or substantially similar words; or 

(2) If the licensee is an agent, the words “for sale by owner-agent,” “for lease by owner-agent” or substantially similar words. 

(c) The name of a brokerage firm under which a real estate broker does business or with which a real estate broker-salesman or salesman is associated must be clearly identified with prominence in any advertisement. In determining whether the name of the brokerage firm is identified with prominence, the Division shall consider, without limitation, the style, size and color of the type or font used and the location of the name of the brokerage firm as it appears in the advertisement. 

(d) A licensee shall not publish or cause to be published any advertisement or place any sign that makes any reference to the availability of a specific property which is exclusively listed for sale by another broker unless the licensee obtains the prior written consent of the broker with whom the property is listed. Such consent must not be given or withheld by the listing broker without the knowledge of the owner of the property. 

(e) A licensee shall not advertise or otherwise conduct business under a name, including a nickname, other than the name under which he is licensed to engage in business. 

2.  If advertising under the name of a franchise, a broker shall incorporate in a conspicuous way in the advertisement the real, fictitious or corporate name under which he is licensed to engage in business and an acknowledgment that each office is independently owned and operated. 

3.  As used in this section, “advertisement” includes, without limitation: 

(a) Any unsolicited printed material and any broadcast made by radio, television or electronic means, including, without limitation, by unsolicited electronic mail and the Internet, billboards and signs; and 

(b) Business cards, stationery, forms and other documents used in a real estate transaction. 

{ii} http://www.leg.state.nv.us/NAC/NAC-645.html#NAC645Sec611

NAC 645.611  Advertisement of services: Use of terms “team” and “group.” (NRS 645.050, 645.190)  A licensee may use the term “team” or “group” to advertise the services provided by the licensee if: 

  1. The use of the term does not constitute the unlawful use of a trade name and is not deceptively similar to a name under which any other person is lawfully doing business; 
  2. The team or group is composed of more than one licensee; 
  3. The members of the team or group are employed by the same broker; 
  4. The name of the team or group contains the last name of at least one of the members of the team or group; and 
  5. The advertising complies with all other applicable provisions of this chapter and chapter 645 of NRS.