I am receiving calls about foreclosures, but not only how they work and how they interact with short sales, but where can your clients go for financial advice.  Unfortunately foreclosures have increased dramatically in the Nation, Nevada and Clark County.  So the need is real! 

One option is the Consumer Credit Counseling / Consumer Credit Affiliates.   This is a non-profit United Way organization offering free financial consumer credit counseling and education.  Their number is (800) 451-4505 ask for Terrance Lee. 

Another is the Home Ownership Preservation Foundation at (888) 995-4673.  This foundation, also known as 888-995-HOPE (that’s their phone number) is a non-profit group with HUD certified counselors standing by for free financial advice to help individuals and families who are struggling financially.

In the event your client requires legal advice, Prudential®, Americana Group, REALTORS® legal department has a list of recommended attorneys, including bankruptcy attorneys at Attorney Referral List

This is only a modest list of resources!  Have any of you worked with or helped out clients in these difficult situations?  If so, please add your comments, experiences, or recommendations for good sources of assistance for those in need of financial assistance or counseling.

Have a Great Weekend!