The seller is a bank and will not reject offers in writing.  What do you do?  The law says that if the seller does not accept an offer you are to provide the buyer’s agent a notice signed by the seller informing the buyer that the offer has been rejected.  Obviously you cannot force the seller to do it.

I contacted the Nevada Real Estate Division and posed this exact scenario to the NRED Compliance department and was reminded: 

….the spirit of the above referenced regulation is to provide the buyer with communication as to the outcome of the buyer’s offer.  The regulation is in place to obtain proof that this information was communicated to the buyer and/or buyer agent.  If the seller refuses to sign the rejection notice, the licensee at a minimum, should note the “seller refusal to sign” on the rejection notice.  The licensee should then sign/date his or her note and provide the written rejection to the buyer or buyer’s agent.  The same would apply for a buyer’s agent in a counter offer rejection situation.

Therefore you are to note on the offer, “Seller refuses to sign” and I suggest you do so directly under the REJECTION area of the RPA.


And if you are dealing with a counter you would write it here: