img_2215Residential Disclosure Guide Signature Page

An astute salesperson on our staff asked if a seller’s signature is still required on the Residential Disclosure Guide (“RDG”) since section 9 of the Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS® listing agreement already has a place for the Seller’s initial indicating the Seller has already received the Guide.

The signature of a Seller is still required on the RDG.  This is because NRS 645.194(2) requires that the licensee provide a copy of the Residential Disclosure Guide to “prospective buyers and sellers.”  The Real Estate Division’s required form’s final page is an Acknowledgement of Receipt, which must be signed by the prospective seller, even thought the seller has already initialed on the listing agreement.

The most recent version of the Residential Disclosure Guide is available through Ameriforms and is document 622 on the Nevada Real Estate Division’s website.