del-mar-sunsetCan a Tenant record a document with the County Recorder so that they are notified if the rental enters foreclosure?  The statute states, any person who has or claims any right in, the property described in the deed of trust can record a Request for notice of default.  Does a Tenant any have a ‘right’ in the property?  They hold a lease hold interest, so it appears that is a ‘right.’

 What would this form look like?  Probably something like this Request For Notice Of Default. The information of the date the deed of trust and the book and page it was recorded in is required.  This is not easy information to find for the average citizen.  It can be located at the Clark County Recorder Search Page but you must know the title holders name, which can be found at the Clark County Assessor’s Search Page

This is not a normal process; most requests for defaults are from other secured lenders.  But we are in a new era.

REMEMBER if you ever wanted to simply know if a home is in default you can search the Clark County Recorder Search Page under the borrower’s last and first name (use Clark County Assessor’s Search Page if you don’t know) and you can find if a Notice of Default has been recorded.