Clue-PCGameC.L.U.E.(R) Home Seller’s Disclosure Report

Within the Residential Purchase Agreement  Paragraph C. INSPECTIONS AND RELATED EXPENSES, Page 4, Line 11, is the option for the Buyer to request that the Seller order a C.L.U.E.(R) Report paid by the seller or buyer or 50/50 or waived.

What is a C.L.U.E.(R) Report?  It stands for the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange.  It is a report that shows the history of insurance claims on real property and persons filing claims.  Within the report you will find a history of claims, their type, date, status and amount paid.  It also contains information on the insurance policy type and the insurance company name. Think of it as a credit report on homes and persons but the subject matter is whether or not you have made an insurance claim in the past.  It is created by ChoicePoint a non-government company that collects data.  They are located at 1000 Alderman Drive, Alpharetta, GA 30005.

Where do you order a C.L.U.E.(R) Report?  By clicking here! 

How much does it cost?  $19.50 per address.

Who can order it?  The owner of any real property.  To order you set up an account.  Click here!

Can the real estate agent order a C.L.U.E.(R) Report?  No, only the owner.  Click here for an explanation.

How do you read it?  ChoicePoint has an excellent explanation here! How to Read Your C.L.U.E.(R) Report.

What if there is a mistake on the C.L.U.E.(R) Report?  Just like a credit report, there may be a mistake. To dispute information a party can contact ChoicePoint by mail or phone and inform them of the error by following this instruction How to Dispute Your Info . 

What if my seller doesn’t want to provide it?  Counter back that the seller will not be providing a C.L.U.E.(R) Report.