RE:     Lawsuit Update

            For Prudential, Americana Group, REALTORS®

            Selling Salespersons of the Cosmopolitan West Tower Only


Deadline for Your Buyers To Respond:  December 4, 2009


Hogg vs. Nevada Property I, LLC

Eighth Judicial District Court, Clark County, Nevada Case  No. 09A582541

Related Cases: 

  • Eighth Judicial District Court, Clark County, Nevada Case No. 09A582669 (Consolidated)
  • Eighth Judicial District Court, Clark County, Nevada Case No. 09A583375 (Consolidated)
Judicial Officer:  The Honorable Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez
Department 11, Courtroom 14C (14th Floor) 200 Lewis Ave., Las Vegas,  Nevada 89155

On October 20, 2009, the District Court in the above-referenced matter(s) Ordered “A Preliminary Approval of Class Settlement and Settlement Class Certification.”

All interested parties should log on to the website to register and lodge their concerns, approval, etc. The deadline to respond is December 4, 2009.  How and where to respond is in the Memo from the Settlement Class attorney which can be read by clicking here.

This case’s documents can be viewed at, the lawsuit’s Case Number is A582541.

Clark County Court Records are located via the internet on:

Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez reports that the next hearing is December 14, 2009, at  9:00 a.m. Department 11, Courtroom 14C (14th Floor), 200 Lewis Ave., Las Vegas, Nevada 89155.


          Prudential, Americana Group, REALTORS® cannot offer legal advice to a Buyer of the Cosmopolitan.  All Buyers of the Cosmopolitan are encouraged to seek their own personal legal representation in reviewing this matter. If the Buyer has already retained counsel, the Buyer should address this matter with that counsel.