Property Tax Alert Clark County

Property Tax Amount and Lowering Property Taxes

I have received calls on how real property taxes may be affected by the current economic market in Clark County.

How Is Tax Determined?

Real Property taxes in Clark County are based upon a formula, not the sales price.  To calculate the real property tax you multiply value times .35 times tax rate.  (VALUE x .35 x RATE).  Example:  $1,000,000 x .35 = $350,000 assessed value.  To calculate the tax, multiply the assessed value ($350,000) by the tax rate (.035): $350,000 x .035 = $12,250.

How Is Value Determined?:

The value is generated by the Clark County Assessors  office. 

When is Value Determined?:

Notice of value was sent by mail to property owners on December 1, 2009.

How Do You Appeal Value (Lower your Taxes):

Owners have between December 15 to January 15, 2010 to file an appeal.  Owner can telephone and speak to the Assessor to request an appeal form OR go to 500 S Grand Centennial Parkway 2nd Floor Las Vegas, Nevada to get an appeal form.  Beware of Scam:  Be aware there is no such thing as a “Property Tax Review Board.”  The Board claims that it can lower property taxes for property owners.  Questions regarding this matter can also be addressed by contacting the Nevada Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection at (775) 684-1169. 


Appeals must be filed within these 30 days, December 15, 2009 to January 15, 2010.  

More Questions:

Questions regarding a tax amount for a specific property should contact the Treasurer’s Office 702-455-3882.