The All Inclusive & Belt Way disclosures have been updated.

What is the All Inclusive?  The All Inclusive  attempts to address current issues that have not been addressed within the Seller’s Real Property Disclosure Statement  and/or to expand on these issues.  It is designed to aid the sales executive and the client in keeping up with new disclosure issues and to expand on other currently known issues.  Your broker at Prudential, Americana Group, REALTORS® aims to keep this form up to date and only as lengthy as necessary.  Its history starts with the Mold form of 1999, when the first mold law suit was filed in Las Vegas.  Soon after more disclosures were created to address issues like ‘pests,’ or ‘scorpions’ (also the result of law suits). 

The Beltway form is now in the All Inclusive

In another space saving measure Americana Group joined the Belt Way form with the All Inclusive.  This joined form no longer contains a map.  Mapping each current road construction project in the Las Vegas Valley became too confusing, so the names of agencies in charge of the construction, their phone numbers and web pages were put in the map’s place on the All Inclusive.  This allows a Buyer a more informed opportunity to  investigate their individual areas of concern, from, for example, the Boulder City Bypass to the North Fifth Street Construction by the North Las Vegas Public Works.

The All Inclusive does not replace the SRPD. 

The All Inclusive discloses new potential issues and expands on those already affecting transactions.  The SRPD is always changing, so too does the All Inclusive.  For example mold used to not be mentioned in the SRPD, but it is now #7 page 2, “Any previous or current fungus or mold?”  But, for example, another issue, “NRS 40 Construction Defect Litigation,” is mentioned but does not go far enough.  It does not, for example, ask if a seller has ‘opted out of a construction defect law suit.’  Whether a Seller has opted out of such a suit, can be of great importance to a Buyer.  Therefore, in the All Inclusive, the question is asked, have you “opted out” of NRS 40 litigation?   Thus expanding on the issue.  Most recently Chinese Drywall is a topic.  What in the world?  Yes, drywall.  Americana Group does not want any of its clients or sales executives dragged into a time wasting case, so it researched this drywall issue and placed on the All Inclusive what is currently known and where a Buyer can get more information.  Topics like this are the perfect subject matter of the All Inclusive. 

All Inclusive & SRPD Repetitions Removed.

The All Inclusive removed areas that were repeated in the SRPD.  For example, since Mold and Pest Infestation are now mentioned in the SRPD, the All Inclusive merely informs a Buyer where they can get more information and advises them to rely on expert inspections if there is a concern.   The “NRS 40 Construction Defect” disclosure was simplified to merely address issues such as “Opt Out” not mentioned in the SRPD.


The All Inclusive is designed to be signed by a Buyer even when a Seller will not sign.  Sounds backwards right?  But it is not.  The Seller may not be the best person to even answer a question about a property.  They may not have ever lived there.  The All Inclusive attempts to ‘inform’ the Buyer of ‘areas of concern.’  And remember the SRPD is mandated by NRS 113, the All Inclusive is not.  The All Inclusive then, when not signed by a Seller, becomes a general informative disclosure of new subjects such as Chinese Drwall and gives general information on Mold and Pests.