I am still hearing that CICs are charging more than $160 and 25 cents per page for the Resale Package.


Per NRS 116.4109 Resales of Units (4)(b)/NAC 116.465 (1)(2) a CIC can charge up to $160 to cover the cost of preparing the CIC resale package.  Also, the CIC may charge 25 cents per page to cover the cost of copying the documents furnished other than the certificate.

So the CIC gets paid the $160 to provide the Certificate and then can charge to copy only these:

  1. Copy of the declaration;
  2. The Bylaws;
  3. The Rules or Regulations of the Association
  4. The Before You Purchase Property In A Common-Interest Community ….


They cannot charge to copy the whole ‘package’ – only those documents listed above.  If they charge a Seller for copying other items, like the certificate or the public pool schedule, demand they provide an accounting.

I have written a letter for you to demand they comply with NRS and NAC, it is located here.

Let me know how your progress goes.

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