The All Inclusive & Belt Way disclosures have been updated as of 9.3.2010

What is The All InclusiveThe All Inclusive addresses current issues that have not been addressed within the Seller’s Real Property Disclosure Statement (“SRPD”) and/or to expand on these issues.  Topics that are not explored within the SRPD, are the subject matter of the All Inclusive.  It is designed to aid the sales executive and the client in keeping up with and disclosing new and potentially new issues and to expand on other currently known issues.  Your broker at Prudential, Americana Group, REALTORS® aims to keep this form up to date and only as lengthy as necessary. 

Seller Signature No Longer Required.

The Seller’s Real Property Disclosure Statement  is more thorough then ever.  There is no need for the The All Inclusive to have a repetitive disclosure.  The All Inclusive has been modified to be more compatible with the SRPD.  There is no reason to have the Seller disclose, again, information the Seller has already disclosed.  Also, many times the Seller is not aware of new issues.  Therefore The All Inclusive has been rendered an informational document, that only the Buyer signs.  It now serves to inform the Buyer that there are various specific issues affecting real property in the Las Vegas Valley that the Seller might not even be aware of, but the Buyer might find of interest.  For example, a Seller may not be aware of the alleged Dry Wall issues which have been reported by the The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) or for example, if a Seller is owner occupied, the home’s CIC might have strict rental limitations which did not come to the attention of the Seller but may be extremely important to an investor purchaser.

Information Purely For Notification Purposes.

All of the information in the All Inclusive is now purely a notification of possible issues.  This format serves to assist the Buyer by generally disclosing matters and giving potential sources where they can find more information if any of the matters is of particular concern to the Buyer.  It also leaves the format for ‘disclosing’ by the Seller to SRPD. 

How Used.

If you are representing the Buyer only you will no longer be required to gain the Seller’s signature, only the Buyer’s.  If you representing the Seller, you will be required to forward the  All Inclusive to the Buyer.  If the Buyer refuses to sign it, you may merely indicate when and how you delivered it to the Buyer’s sales executive.


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