Dr. Hatice Gecol  Nevada Energy CommissionerSeller’s Energy Consumption Evaluation Form

There is a new form concerning residential real property sales.  The Seller’s Energy Consumption Evaluation Form or the “SEEF.”  Pursuant to Nevada Revised Statute (“NRS”) 113.115.

When is it effective?  January 1, 2011.

The SEEF form is located HERE.

What is it? An energy consumption evaluation. The explanation is more in depth on the SEEF form.

Instructions to fill out the SEEF form are located HERE.

When must it be provided?  Before closing.

Can it be waived by the Buyer?  Yes, and on page four (4) of the SEEF there is already a section to have the Buyer waive the receipt.

Who is exempt? 1.) Foreclosure (not REO) but at the time of the trustee sale.  2.) Sales between co-owners.  3.) Relocation Companies (only the transfer from owner to relo company, not to purchaser from relo company).  4.) Sales where Buyer waives their rights to receive the form.  5.)  If an evaluation was completed in last five (5) years, that older evaluation may be used.

Suggested language.  If you are representing a Seller, and the Seller does not want to provided the SEEF
I suggest the following language in a counter:

“Buyer agrees to waive receipt of the Seller’s Energy Evaluation Form (SEEF)”

Any questions?  Darren Welsh, Esq. 702 733 9310 ofc, 702 245 1787 cell.