This is a follow up to my July 2, 2o10 and June 8, 2007 reports on Kitec Plumbing.



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Re: In Re Kitec Fitting Litigation; Clark County District Court Case No.: A493302


At a hearing held on September 14, 2011, the Honorable Timothy C. Williams extended the deadline by three months for thousands of Clark County homeowners to claim free replumbs of the defective brass Kitec plumbing systems. The eligible homeowners now have until March 31, 2012, to claim the free replumbs made possible through settlements reached in the In re Kitec Fitting Litigation class action, including the $90 million settlement with the fitting manufacturer, Ipex, Inc. and Ipex USA, LLC. The homeowners must act now or they will forfeit any right to claim relief from the class action settlements and will have no rights to pursue Kitec-related claims against the manufacturer or the Home Builders or Plumbers responsible for installing the Kitec plumbing systems. Class Counsel, Michael Gayan of Kemp, Jones & Coulthard, LLP, explained that “[I]n extending this deadline, Judge Timothy Williams recognized the importance of class homeowners having a full and fair opportunity to claim their repair under this class action settlement.”

The deadline extension impacts more than 6,000 Clark County homes built by Del Webb, KB Homes, Richmond American, Avante Homes, Signature Homes, Astoria Homes, Pulte, Nigro, D.R. Horton, LBM Development, Wexford Homes, American Premiere, Concordia, Desert Wind, H&H, Pageantry, Platis, RL Homes, SBA Development, and Westmark Homes. A complete list of the developments involved is found on the Court-appointed claims administrator’s informational website,

The class action lawsuit, which involves more than 32,000 Clark County homes, alleges that as soon as Kitec fittings are exposed to water, the brass in the fittings begins to deteriorate and corrode, which inevitably leads to reduced water flow, leaks, and breaks. There have been hundreds of reported leaks with resulting flood damage to homes. Kitec fittings not only cause substantial damage after they leak and burst, but also impair the ability of a home’s plumbing system to effectively provide water to appliances and plumbing fixtures.

Tim Taylor, President and CEO of the Court-appointed claims administrator, Total Class Solutions, LLC, stated that, “[T]hese homeowners have about six months left to claim the free replumbs. After that, Total Class Solutions will have to turn them away without any relief. It would be a real shame for homeowners to miss out on getting the repairs they need. Class Counsel recovered the resources to fix all the homes and it’s our goal to make that happen. Now we just need the homeowners to contact us and ask for the repairs.”

The approved plumbing contractors doing the work for the class are Delta Mechanical, Dynamic Plumbing, Repipe Specialists, Rakeman Plumbing, Hammer Plumbing, and Plumbing Express. If you are contacted by one of these plumbing companies regarding a free replumb, it is because you may be entitled to receive the repair at no cost to you as a result of this class action lawsuit. All of the homeowners are represented by the law firms of Kemp, Jones & Coulthard, LLP and Lynch, Hopper & Salzano, LLP. These firms were appointed as Class Counsel by Judge Williams on October 16, 2006, when the Court certified a class action lawsuit on behalf of all homeowners in Clark County, Nevada, who have brass Kitec plumbing fittings in their homes.

For information on how to claim the Kitec repairs, go to, which has been established by the Court-appointed claims administrator, Total Class Solutions, LLC.  For more information about the class action itself, please go to, which has been established by Class Counsel to inform potential class members about this litigation.


For more information on this topic, please contact William L. Coulthard or Michael J. Gayan at (702) 385-6000.