In House Counsel

  • Update on legal issues and disclosures.
  • Mediation in a difficult transaction.
  • Representation before the GLVAR.
  • Representation in the event of a breach of listing agreement.
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    7 Responses to “About”

    1. Kevin Schmidt Says:

      Love your picture that Forrest published to all of us.


      Thanks for the rapid reply to my suggestion about shorter formes for bare land.

      You’ll probably be hearing more about me later, hopefully all good.

    2. Donna Brass Says:

      Nice picture Handsome!!! Thanks for all the most up to date legal real estate news. Keep up the great work!!!

    3. Dick Gentner Says:

      Enjoyed reading through your web sight. You look and sound important! Congrats.

      Merry Christmas,


    4. Janine Ayres Says:

      I enjoy your blog. Very timely and real day issues addressed.

    5. ed Says:

      Can you leave me your contact info or info of a lawyer who could help me with short sale/ foreclosure issues?
      I have a spec. home in Nv. that I need help with.

    6. John Royce Says:

      Excellent content.

      I am a real estate investor and looking for some legal advice on issues arising from the practice of taking title to properties “subject to” the existing mortgagage and then trying to get the lender to negotiate a settlement with me as an investor owner, while giving the borrower a release of deficiency claims. Have you blogged on that subject and are you available for private consultation?

    7. Nate Says:

      I have a quick question can a “sales person” in nevada have a LLC listed in anything other than their name?

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