Please also see my June 10, 2009 Update on CIC Packages.

This is a follow up to my November 9, 2007 Resale Packages for Nevada REO Sales.

How much can a Common Interest Community charge for the resale package described in NRS 116.4109?

An association may not charge more than $160 for preparing the certificate furnished pursuant to NRS 116.4109, and copying costs, not to exceed 25 cents per page, to cover the cost of copying the other documents required within the certificate.  There can be an additional charge not to exceed $125 if a unit’s owner requests that the certificate be furnished sooner than 3 business days after the date of the request.

I was informed today of an Association charging more than $160; if this has happened to you inform them of the September 2006 ADOPTED REGULATION OF THE COMMISSION FOR COMMON-INTEREST COMMUNITIES LCB File No. R205-05

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