There are now Four (4) Elements to Constructive Eviction in Nevada for Commercial Leases.

First, the landlord must either act or fail to act. Yee v. Weiss, 110 Nev. 657, 660, 877 P.2d 510, 512 (1994).
Second, the landlord’s action or inaction must render “the whole or a substantial part of the premises unfit for occupancy for the purpose for which it was leased.” Id.
Third, the tenant must actually vacate the premises within a reasonable time. Schultz v. Provenzano, 69 Nev. 324, 328, 251 P.2d 294, 296 (1952).
Fourth, a commercial tenant alleging that it was constructively evicted must show, in addition to the three elements stated in Yee and Schultz, that it provided the landlord notice of and a reasonable opportunity to cure the defect. See, e.g., Home Rentals Corp., 602 N.E.2d at 863.

Supreme Court of Nevada.

MASON–MCDUFFIE REAL ESTATE, INC., A Nevada Corporation d/b/a Prudential Nevada Realty, Appellant, v. VILLA FIORE DEVELOPMENT, LLC, A Nevada Limited Liability Company, Respondent.

No. 61233.

Decided: October 2, 2014

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